X-Plus Mega Man X Gigantic Series 15″ Figure Up for Order!

Big things are coming out in Japan this year–and by “big”, I mean “Gigantic”! Although Japanese figures have traditionally kept to the sixth scale and smaller, X-Plus has had a huge (no pun intended) hit on their hands with their Gigantic Series figures line of quarter scale statues. And after soliciting the first Mega Man Gigantic Series figure for release this winter, they’re moving right along with the series–with the sure-to-be immensely popular Gigantic Series Mega Man X figure now up for order!

Gigantic Series Mega Man X Figure Statue by X-Plus

When X-Plus put the classic Mega Man Gigantic Series 1/4 figure up for order earlier in the winter, I really thought that it was the beginnings of a classic Mega Man series, and that we’d be seeing Rush or Proto-Man next from X-Plus. I was totally wrong, though–not only are we not seeing either of those characters next, we’re not seeing a classic Mega Man figure at all: it’s Mega Man X (or Rock Man X as he’s known in Japan)!

Captured in a dynamic, action pose, this is an absolutely gorgeous figure of Mega Man X. Can a Gigantic Series Zero figure be far behind…?

Back of X-Plus Mega Man X Gigantic Series FigureThis will be the largest Rock Man X figure ever released, as it will stand 40cm tall (about 15.75″), and weigh nearly three pounds! Considering most Mega Man X figures released up until now have been under 5″ and barely a few ounces, I think that the specs will illustrate what a big boy this Gigantic Series Rock Man X figure is going to be!

X-Plus Gigantic Series Megaman X Figure Revealed Up for OrderAlthough the X-Plus Mega Man X figure will be in a static pose and feature no articulation, the figure will include one accessory: an interchangeable face plate so that you can change the expression on Mega Man X’s face. Don’t like the “mouth open, yelling” Mega Man X face? X-Plus has got you covered with this stern, fierce-looking Mega Man X face.

Mega Man X Gigantic Series Statue by X-Plus The X-Plus Mega Man Gigantic Series Mega Man X figure is now available for pre-order, and is scheduled to be released in April 2015. Because of the size of these figures, BigBadToyStore tends to only import a small quantity of them, and most of the previously-released Gigantic Series figures (such as the DBZ Saiyans) are now sold-out. If you have your heart set on this enormous Mega Man X Gigantic Series statue, you might do well to lock one in now.

What do you think of the biggest Rock Man X figure/statue ever made, Mega Man fans? Is this the Mega Man X collectible that you’ve been waiting your whole life for, or do you prefer smaller or articulated action figures to statues like this one?

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