SDCC 2013: SH Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Complete Team!

San Diego Comic Con is a major event for all toy, comic book, and entertainment companies each year, so I had high hopes that Bandai Tamashii Nations would bring their ‘A’-game to the show this year. Turns out I set my sights too low–Bandai brought their ‘A+’-game instead! We didn’t see just one or two of the remaining SH Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power Rangers at the mecca–we saw them all! Including not one, but two different S.H. Figuarts Yellow Rangers…

SH Figuarts Complete Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Team All 5 Rangers SDCC 2013

I legitimately thought that Bandai Tamashii Nations/Bluefin Distribution would show off one new figure from the super-popular Bandai Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power Rangers figure line at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. Perhaps the popular Black Ranger…? Well, as it happens, I was completely and utterly wrong. Yes, Bandai did bring the Zack the Black Ranger S.H. Figuarts figure to the show. But he didn’t come alone!

Bandai Black Ranger S.H. Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power Rangers FigureBilly, the Blue Ranger of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, also made his S.H. Figuarts debut at SDCC 2013. Billy was my favorite of the five original MMPR characters when I was watching the show as a kid. As an adult, whenever I see him on-screen or hear him talk, I have to totally cringe in embarrassment. Even so, I’m psyched to add the Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger S.H. Figuarts figure to my Bandai Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team, for nostalgia and completeness’ sake, if nothing else.

S.H. Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Blue Ranger Action FigureYou’ll notice in that photo at the top of the article that the SH Figuarts Yellow Ranger is male, as the Yellow Ranger shown in the footage of the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was. Fans at the show noticed, too, and they were not happy to see male Trini.

SH Figuarts Yellow Ranger Female Body Mighty Morphin Power RangersThus, in what has to be one of the most amazing feats I have ever heard of at any convention, Bandai heard the cries for a female-bodied Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger S.H. Figuarts figure on the first day of the SDCC 2013 and then had a prototype of said figure flown in by jet from Asia for display during the remainder of the show. No, really. I’m not kidding. The Bandai Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Yellow Ranger female body figure will be released exclusively in North America as an exclusive Bluefin Distribution/Bandai Tamashii Nations exclusive. Like the rest of the S.H. Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power Rangers figures, these final three MMPR figures will be available on Amazon once they are solicited by Bandai.

Bandai Yellow Ranger Trini Mighty Morphin Power Rangers SH Figuarts SDCC 2013Bandai Tamashii Nations did not announce any release dates for the remaining three S.H. Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Black, Yellow, Blue) at San Diego Comic Con 2013. Since we already have the solicitations for items being distributed in the United States up to November 2013, we can reasonably assume that these three figures will be released within the time span of December 2013 to May 2014, however. You can ‘Like’ Anime Toy News on Facebook if you want news, updates, and photos of upcoming Power Rangers and other toys beamed straight to your Facebook Newsfeed. I’ll post an update just as soon as release information is given out by Bandai for these remaining Mighty Morphin Power Rangers figures.


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  1. They are called bandai tamashii stage act. 4. You can look for them on amazon or ebay.

    BTW, I really hope the yellow ranger comes with an alternate belt with skirt! Now that would’ve be awesome!