Sailor Moon SH Figuarts Black Lady Revealed & Photos!

I admit it: I tried my absolute hardest not to, but like everyone else in the anime-viewing world, I hate Chibiusa (AKA Sailor Chibi). But while I wanted to choke Chibiusa every time she came onscreen, I was shocked by how engaging her evil alter-ego, Black Lady, was. I always wanted a Black Lady action figure–and now it looks like I may get the chance! At Tamashii Nation 2015, the Sailor Moon SH Figuarts Black Lady figure was revealed!

Tamashii Nation 2015 Sailor Moon SH Figuarts Black Lady Figure

Bandai Japan hasn’t exactly been cranking out the villains from the Sailor Moon anime, but I figured that if there was one villain that had a legit chance of getting the S.H. Figuarts treatment, it was Black Lady.

And lo and behold, it looks like I was right! At this week’s Tamashii Nation 2015 event, Bandai Tamashii Nations revealed the first super-articulated Black Lady action figure ever!

SH Figuarts Wiseman Figure with Black LadyThe placard at the 2015 fall Tamashii Nation event reads “For Display Only”, so we don’t know any of the pricing or release details for the Black Lady Figuarts figure just yet. But given that every SH Figuarts Sailor Moon prototype Bandai has shown us has been produced, I have zero doubt that Black Lady is coming our way in 2016!

Sailor Moon SH Figuarts Black Lady Figure Bandai 2016If I had to make a guess, Black Lady’s role as a villain in the Sailor Moon (and Sailor Moon Crystal) anime leads me to believe that her S.H. Figuarts figure will be released only via the Bandai Tamashii Web Shop in Japan as an exclusive.

SH Figuarts Black Lady Action Figure with WisemanI’m further convinced of this possibility by the non-articulated Wiseman figure shown in the display with S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon Black Lady at Tamashii Nation 2015. This is definitely the kind of bonus accessory that would be released via the Tamashii Premium Web Store and not to retail stores!

Black Lady Figuarts Figure RevealedEven so, Black Lady should be available for order online in the U.S. like all other Sailor Moon SH Figuarts figures have been. I’ll post an update once Bandai Tamashii Nations releases more details regarding this much-requested figure’s release.

If I had to make an educated guess based off of past experiences, I would guesstimate that we’ll see the Bandai Black Lady go up for order by the end of 2015 and arrive in our hands in late spring/early summer 2016.

Were you excited to see Black Lady debut at Tamashii Nation, Sailor Moon fans? Are you planning on picking this figure up, or were you hoping to see a different character premiere at the show?

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