Gundam Girls Generation Hoshino Fumina Figure Up for Order!

There’s a lot to love about the Gundam Build Fighter Try anime series (which is currently nearing its end), but among my favorite aspects of the show is the fact that there is a genuine female Gundam pilot protagonist. Hoshino Fumina is a breath of fresh air in the Gundam universe, and I’ve been looking forward to a toy of her for a while. And now, the time has come: the 1/10 Gundam Girls Generation Hoshino Fumina figure is now up for order!

MegaHouse Gundam Girls Generation Hoshino Statue July 2015

While I was psyched when I heard one of the three main characters in the Gundam Build Fighters Try anime was going to be a woman, I definitely had my trepidations that she might be handled poorly. That skepticism skyrocketed when I found out her main Gundam was going to be an SD Gundam.

Even so, Fumina Hoshino has turned out to be a well-rounded and solid character overall–not to mention a capable leader!

MegaHouse Gundam Girls Hoshino Fumina FigureThus, I was buzzing happily when I heard that a Gundam Girls MegaHouse Hoshino Fumina 1/10 figure was on the way. And now, MegaHouse has revealed the official images of the Hoshino figure and allowed pre-orders for her to open up!

From a sculpting and paint deco perspective, I think this Gundam Build Fighters Try Hoshino statue is absolutely top-notch. The colors, proportions and face on Hoshino are all spot-on authentic to the anime.

That said, I do wish MegaHouse hadn’t opted for such an awkward, objectifying pose for Hoshino. With all of the screen time she gets in Gundam Build Fighters Try, I’m certain MegaHouse could have found a canonical pose to put Fumina Hoshino in that wouldn’t have looked quite so out-of-character.

Gundam Build Fighters Try Hoshino Fumina Statue MegaHouseDespite my criticism of the pose, this figure still looks fantastic overall, and will almost definitely be the best-looking PVC figure of Hoshino Fumina that will ever be released, so I went ahead and reserved one for myself already.

As with all MegaHouse PVC figures, the 1/10th scale (about 16cm) tall Hoshino Fumina figure is a bit expensive. She retails for 6,912 Japanese yen, and a little bit more via American import stores (who charge a premium for importing international figures, obviously).

Gundam Girls Generation Hoshino Fumina FigureThe MegaHouse Hoshino Fumina Gundam Girls figure is now up for order, with an anticipated release date of July 2015. With Hoshino being the most significant female character in a Gundam series in a while (if not ever), I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the best-selling statue in the Gundam Girls Generation line thus far.

What do you think of the MegaHouse Gundam Girls Hoshino Fumina figure, Build Fighters fans? Will this figure be joining your Gundam toys shelf this summer?

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