Assassin’s Creed Play Arts Kai Connor & Edward Photos – SDCC 2013

Assassin's Creed Play Arts Kai Connor & Edward Kenway Figures SDCC 2013

Earlier this month, the 2013 Japan Expo took place in Paris (yes, the Japan Expo is held in France), where Square-Enix unexpectedly unveiled not one, but two new Assassin’s Creed Play Arts Kai figures! Considering that previously Square-Enix had only produced one Play Arts Assassin’s Creed II figure years ago, this was a pretty big deal. We knew we’d be getting our first stateside look at the Play Arts Kai Assassin’s Creed Connor and Edward Kenway figures at San Diego Comic Con 2013 last week, and we weren’t disappointed: these new Square-Enix Assassin’s Creed figures are gorgeous…

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Kingdom Hearts 3D Play Arts Kai Tron Sora & Riku Figures Released!

Kingdom Hears 3D Tron Sora Play Arts Kai Box

I am a hopeless fanboy for the Kingdom Hearts video game franchise, so I didn’t think there was anything in the world that would get me so excited as yesterday’s official announcement that the Kingdom Hearts 3 video game is in development for both the PS4 and XBox One. And, while that remains true, I came close to being just as psyched today when I got word that the Square-Enix Kingdom Hearts 3D Play Arts Kai Tron Sora and Tron Riku figures have been released overseas!

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Metal Gear Solid 2 Play Arts Kai Raiden & Liquid Snake Preview!

Square Enix Play Arts Kai Metal Gear Solid 2 Raiden Figure with Katana

At a price point of now $79.99 per figure, the Square-Enix Play Arts Kai figures are a pretty hefty investment. But if there’s one video game franchise with fans hardcore enough to be willing and able to pay out that 80 bucks per figure, it’s Metal Gear Solid!

Following up on the success of the monumentally successfully Metal Gear Rising Raiden Play Arts Kai figure, Square-Enix is back with a new Metal Gear Solid 2 Play Arts Kai Raiden–and he’s brought Liquid Snake along for the ride!

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Play Arts Kai Street Fighter Ibuki Figure Review

Street Fighter Play Arts Kai Ibuki Figure Victory Pose

I love me some Street Fighter III. I know it’s not cool to say that your favorite Street Fighter characters aren’t from Street Fighter II, but every single one of the original 16 Street Fighter II characters bore me to tears. Characters from Street Fighter III and the Street Fighter Alpha series are where it’s at, baby! That’s why, even though I am a huge fan of Street Fighter figures, I ended up passing on the first four Square-Enix Street Fighter IV Play Arts Kai figures. But when Square-Enix announced Ibuki last fall, they placed a strangle-hold on my wallet and my soul. Finally, Street Fighter IV Play Arts Ibuki has come home…

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Super Street Fighter IV Ibuki Play Arts Kai Figure Unboxing Photos

Super Street Fighter VI Ibuki Play Arts Kai Box

I got two packages in the mail yesterday–one of which I had no clue what was inside, and it turned out to be the Dragon Ball Z S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan Goku reissue I’d forgotten about. The other package, well… I knew exactly what that was, because I’d be tracking it a couple times a day every day, even before it shipped out! A figure I never thought would be produced, I vowed to buy the Super Street Fighter Play Arts Kai Ibuki figure the moment I saw it for the first time–and yesterday, my much-anticipated Ibuki Play Arts figure finally arrived!

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2013 Street Fighter Play Arts Kai Ibuki & Guile Figures Released!

Square-Enix Street Fighter Guile Play Arts Kai Figure Box

When you’re a Square-Enix Play Arts Kai figure collector, you need to learn to exercise patience. As amazing as Play Arts Kai action figures tend to be, Square-Enix isn’t exactly “fast” putting them out. In fact, Super Street Fighter Play Arts Kai collectors have been waiting a year since the last pair of Street Fighter Play Arts Kai figures to get something new. But Street Fighter fans will have to wait no longer! The time has finally arrived: the Square-Enix Super Street Fighter IV Play Arts Kai Ibuki and Guile figures have been released…

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Street Fighter Play Arts Kai 2013 Ken and Sakura Figures Revealed!

Square-Enix Street Fighter Play Arts Kai Ken Figure 2013 Toy Fair

Square-Enix brought their ‘A-Game’ to the New York Toy Fair 2013 this week, as they debuted an impressive number of never-before-seen figures at the show! Beyond a doubt the most exciting part of the show for Street Fighter fans was the brand-new Square-Enix Play Arts Kai Ken and Sakura figures that debuted there!

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Kingdom Hearts 3D Sora & Riku Play Arts Figures at Toy Fair 2013!

Kingdom Hearts 3D Riku Play Arts Sora Figure Close-Up Toy Fair 2013

I’m sure I’m not the only person who was left scratching his head when Square-Enix announced that the first two figures in their Kingdom Hearts 3D Play Arts Kai line were Tron Legacy Sora and Riku. As weird as that decision was, Square-Enix has now rectified matters at the New York Toy Fair 2013, where they debuted regular versions of Kingdom Hearts 3D Sora and Riku Play Arts Kai figures…

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