Mega Man D-Arts Ultimate Armor X Figure Released & Photos! (Bandai)

Mega Man D-Arts Ultimate Armor X Mega Man Figure Box Released

You’ve waited long enough, Mega Man X fans! It seems like eternity since I posted the preview photos and order information for the Bandai Mega Man D-Arts Ultimate Armor X Figure, but he has finally been released overseas and initial shipments are starting to make their way into the United States and other countries! Read on to see how gorgeous the finished product has turned out. And even though Amazon has sold out of pre-orders, some online sellers have D-Arts Ultimate Armor X available now for its original price plus free shipping!

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Venusaur D-Arts Pokemon Fushigibana Figure Released! (Bandai)

Pokemon D-Arts Venusaur Released

If you’ve been dreaming of catching ’em all, you’re in luck! While not everyone has the dedication to collect all 600+ Pokemon that are obtainable in the Pokemon video games (I maxed out at 251 in the Pokemon Gold/Silver days, though!), you can now acquire all five of the Bandai Pokemon D-Arts figures!

Just released overseas, it’s the fifth and final scheduled (for now) Pokemon DArts figure: Venusaur!

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Rockman D-Arts Forte & Gospel (Bass & Treble) Figures Released!

Rockman D-Arts Forte & Gospel Box Bass & Treble

When I opened this site one of the first things I posted was the preview photos of the Megaman D-Arts Bass & Treble figures. Everything has come full circle now, as we don’t have to just look at pictures of Bass & Treble anymore–because the figures have actually been released! Shipping to homes overseas now, it’s the Japanese Rockman D-Arts Forte & Gospel figures (better known in the United States as “Bass & Treble”)!

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D-Arts Black Zero Mega Man X Figure Announced & Photos

D-Arts Zero Black Version with Blaster Arm Bandai Figure

While many D-Arts Mega Man X collectors were pining away for the reissue of the regular Mega Man X D-Arts figure, the D-Arts Zero (Type 2) figure quietly sold out and then became insanely expensively on the aftermarket. That left a lot of collectors sad and sword-wielding Zero-less. But fear not, Mega Man fans! The kind-hearted folks at Bandai have something in store that’s going to be a big hit both with collectors who already have the original Type 2 Zero D-Arts action figure and those who aren’t that lucky–the just-announced D-Arts Black Zero figure!

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Pokemon D-Arts Blastoise Action Figure Released & Photos!

Pokemon D-Arts Blastoise Released Box Photo

The Bandai Pokemon D-Arts figures line got off to a strong start with the instant sell-out of D-Arts Mewtwo and Charizard, and now Bandai is back to see if the third time is the charm! The third of the four D-Arts Pokemon figures announced by Bandai has now been released, and it’s the fully-evolved form of the Pokemon Red/Blue water-type starter.

Surf’s up, because the Pokemon D-Arts Blastoise figure has now swam into stores overseas!

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D-Arts Mega Man X Reissue Figure Released in the United States!

Mega Man X D-Arts Box Bandai Action Figure

If you’ve started collecting the Bandai D-Arts Mega Man figures in the last few months (or even the last year), there’s probably a couple figures that you’re missing. Many Megaman fans–like me–missed the boat and didn’t start collecting the Mega Man D-Arts line until some of the earlier figures were already out of print and sold out. This left some major gaps in collections. Luckily, Bandai surprised North American collectors earlier this year, when they announced a D-Arts Mega Man X reissue figure. And now, it’s arrived–and is going very fast…

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Pokemon D-Arts Charizard Review (Bandai Figure)

Pokemon D-Arts Charizard Figure Roars Bandai

Last week I lauded the Pokemon D-Arts Mewtwo figure as the greatest Pokemon action figure ever made. Unfortunately for Mewtwo, it’s a short-lived tenure at the top, as the second D-Arts Pokemon figure was released just a few weeks after him, and has already usurped Mewtwo’s top spot! He’s the fully-evolved form of one of the Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow starters and among the most popular Pokémon of all time: known as Lizardon in Japan, it’s the Pokemon D-Arts Charizard figure!

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Pokemon D-Arts Mewtwo Figure Review with Mew (Bandai)

Pokemon D-Arts Mewtwo & Mew Figures

When I was in high school, I pretty much wanted to smack every kid in the face who used Mewtwo on his Pokémon video game team. Mewtwo was obnoxious and overpowered in the old days, and I spent an unbelievable amount of my 1600+ hours of playing Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow training Pokemon specifically to deal with Mewtwo. So I don’t exactly have warm and fuzzy feelings towards the first “most powerful Pokemon ever”. What I do have uncontrollable love for is action figures, however. So when Bandai announced the super-articulated Pokémon D-Arts figures line with Mewtwo as the first figure? Yep–Bandai had my 60 bucks instantly. Was Mewtwo worth it?

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Mega Man D-Arts Ultimate Armor X Figure Revealed & Up for Order!

Bandai Tamashii Nations Mega Man X Ultimate Armor D-Arts Figure Firing Arm Cannon

Now that the mighty Sigma–arch-nemesis in the Mega Man X video game series–is due to get his own figure released in the Bandai Figuarts Zero line this year, X is going to need to be fully equipped and ready for battle when the Figuarts Zero Sigma figure arrives. That’s why Bandai is going back to the well one more time for an all-new Mega Man X D-Arts figure: coming this fall, it’s Ultimate Armor X!

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Pokemon D-Arts Venusaur Figure Coming in August 2013!

Flower on 2013 D-Arts Venusaur Bandai Pokemon Figure

In no time at all, Pokémon D-Arts has become one of the most popular lines that Bandai releases. Pokemon ranks among the most popular video game brands in history, so this isn’t exactly a surprise, even though the first D-Arts Pokemon figures came out just about a month ago. Mewtwo and Charizard have already flown into fans’ collections, and Blastoise is due out this summer. Next, Bandai is going to complete the Pokemon Red/Blue Starters trio: they’ve officially announced that Venusaur will be out in just a few months…

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