X-Plus Mega Man X Gigantic Series 15″ Figure Up for Order!

X-Plus Gigantic Series Megaman X Figure Revealed Up for Order

Big things are coming out in Japan this year–and by “big”, I mean “Gigantic”! Although Japanese figures have traditionally kept to the sixth scale and smaller, X-Plus has had a huge (no pun intended) hit on their hands with their Gigantic Series figures line of quarter scale statues. And after soliciting the first Mega Man Gigantic Series figure for release this winter, they’re moving right along with the series–with the sure-to-be immensely popular Gigantic Series Mega Man X figure now up for order!

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Gundam Girls Generation Hoshino Fumina Figure Up for Order!

MegaHouse Gundam Girls Generation Hoshino Statue July 2015

There’s a lot to love about the Gundam Build Fighter Try anime series (which is currently nearing its end), but among my favorite aspects of the show is the fact that there is a genuine female Gundam pilot protagonist. Hoshino Fumina is a breath of fresh air in the Gundam universe, and I’ve been looking forward to a toy of her for a while.

And now, the time has come: the 1/10 Gundam Girls Generation Hoshino Fumina figure is now up for order!

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