Sailor Moon SH Figuarts Chibi Moon Figure Up for Order!

Sailor Moon Chibi Moon Figuarts Figure Bandai 2015

All discussion of the show’s quality aside (and we could definitely have some heated discussions about its quality), there’s no contesting that the Sailor Moon Crystal anime is coming out a glacial pace of just two episodes per month. But over six months after the debut of the series, the second arc of Sailor Moon Crystal is about to begin–and we’ll soon be seeing the sometimes-loved Sailor Chibi Moon, Chibiusa, in the anime! Bandai Tamashii Nations is ready to celebrate by expanding the best-selling S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon line–the SH Figuarts Chibi Moon figure is now up for order!

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DBZ Tamashii Buddies Broly & Frieza Figures Up for Order!

Tamashii Buddies Super Saiyan Broly Figure

When it comes to Dragon Ball Z toys, it appears that Bandai Tamashii Nations can do no wrong. Many fans were skeptical of the chibi stylized Dragonball Z Tamashii Buddies figures, but the first series of DBZ Tamashii Buddies has been a surprisingly hot seller, with many stores already selling out of some characters. Bandai must be pleased–and also confident–because Dragon Ball Z Tamashii Buddies Broly and Frieza figures have now been put up for order!

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