MegaHouse Kuroko’s Bastketball Figure Black Uniform Version!

MegaHouse Kuroko's Basketball Kuroko Black Ver. Figure

Kuroko’s Basketball fans are used to having to wait. There was a year between Kuroko’s Basketball Season 1 and Season 2, and the anime Kuroko’s Basketball Season 3 likely won’t air until 2015. So as popular as Kuroko no Basket is, there’s really no rush to get figures and merchandise out for the franchise. At least, that’s what MegaHouse seems to think. The first MegaHouse Kuroko’s Basketball Series figure–Kuroko Tetsuya–was released in early 2014. And now the second MegaHouse Kuroko no Basket series will be released this weekend–a limited edition repaint… also of Kuroko Tetsuya!

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Dragon Ball Z Figuarts Zero Piccolo Figure Photos & Order Info

Piccolo Figuarts Zero Dragon Ball Z Figure

Though it took a little while to get it going, Bandai is now going full-steam ahead with the Dragon Ball Z Figuarts Zero line of figures! Last month the long-delayed Frieza Figuarts Zero Dragonball Z figure finally went up for pre-order, the very first non-Saiyan figure in the DBZ Figuarts Zero lineup. And now the first non-Saiyan hero Figuarts Zero is ready to attack! It’s the favorite character of many Dragon Ball Z fans out there–the Dragon Ball Z Figuarts Zero Piccolo figure is now available for order!

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Tsume Naruto Itachi Uchiha HQS Statue Revealed & Photos!

Susanoo Itachi Uchiha Tsume Art HQS Statue 2015

For many years, MegaHouse and Bandai have been my “go-to” companies when it comes to fulfilling my needs for anime figures and collectibles. But to my surprise and delight, a new challenger has arrived that is quickly stealing my heart (and my dollars!) with their amazing Naruto Shippuden products.

Last week they debuted the excellent Madara Uchiha DXTra figure, but this week they’ve upped the ante ever further with the amazing Tsume Naruto Itachi Uchiha HQS (High Quality Statue) that’s now available for pre-order!

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SH Figuarts Blue Ranger Figure Released in the United States!

SH Figuarts Blue Ranger Released Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Packaged

Power Rangers collectors attending this weekend’s Fanime 2014 convention in San Jose, California are getting an unexpected and extra-special treat! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans have been building their lineup for close to a year now, but to date there are still two MMPR members missing from the team. But no longer–! Ahead of schedule, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers SH Figuarts Blue Ranger figure will be available exclusively this weekend at Fanime 2014!

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Naruto Madara Uchiha Figure DXTra Statue Revealed & Photos

Uchiha Madara Tsume Statue Figure Naruto DXTra

Naruto collectors have really gotten the shaft in recent years when it comes to Naruto figures and high-end collectibles. But in 2014 things are really turning around for Naruto collectors, with the long-awaited S.H. Figuarts Naruto figure, as well as several MegaHouse Naruto G.E.M. figures.

The biggest advocate for Naruto figures in 2014 is Tsume Art, whose line of Naruto XTra figures is becoming a real treat. And they have yet another never-before-done character coming to the line this summer–the Tsume Naruto Madara Uchica DXTra figure is now up for order!

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SH Figuarts Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune Revealed & Photos

Bandai Tamashii Nations Summer 2014 Collection SH Figuarts Sailor Neptune Figure

With the new 2014 Sailor Moon anime set to debut in just two months time, anticipation is building to a fever pitch–and Bandai Tamashii Nations is ready to swoop in and capitalize!

Though they only opened up pre-orders for the first of the Outer Sailor Senshi figures a few weeks ago (Sailor Saturn), over the weekend they already had prototypes of her next two comrades ready to show off! Coming in late 2014–it’s the SH Figuarts Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune figures!

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Robot Damashii Spirits God Gundam & Master Gundam Revealed!

Robot Damashii God Gundam Figure Bandai 2014

One of the biggest Bandai toy collecting events of the year is going on right now in Akihabara, Japan–Bandai Tamashii Nations Summer 2014 Collection! It’s at this event that Bandai is unveiling the bulk of their previously unannounced products set to come our way for the remainder of 2014. And of course, one of the biggest displays at the show is for the ever-popular Robot Damashii (Robot Spirits) line! Among tons of other new reveals, fans are lucky enough to get their first look at two new figures from the Mobile Fighter G Gundam anime: the Robot Damashii God Gundam and Master Gundam!

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