Dragon Ball Z WCF MEGA Shenron Dragon Figure Released & Photos

Dragon Ball Z Shenron Dragon WCF Mega Figure Released

Bandai and Banpresto have brought us some of the greatest Dragon Ball Z figures ever made over the course of the last few years with their SH Figuarts Dragon Ball Z and SCultures Dragonball Z figures. But do you ever feel like your DBZ figure collection is missing something? Like, say, a dragon?! Banpresto sure seems to think so, and that’s why they’ve produced one of the most-anticipated Dragon Ball Z WCF figures ever: the Dragonball Z WCF MEGA Shenron Dragon figure has now been released and is available for order!

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Transformers Botcon 2014 Exclusive Devcon Revealed & Photos!

Transformers Botcon Devcon Toy 2014 Exclusive Robot Mode

We’re just three months away from the official Transformers convention, Botcon 2014! And while the official schedule and panel announcements won’t be ready for a while yet, Fun Publications has already begun showing off this year’s 2014 Botcon exclusive Transformers. Depending on exactly how hardcore of a Transformers fan you are, you’ll either squeal with delight or stare blankly and say “Who?” at the announcement of the exclusive Botcon 2014 Devcon Transformers toy!

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Naruto Shippuden DX Sasori Figure Review (Banpresto)

Sasori Naruto Action Figure Review Banpresto DX

I’m pretty sure that my top 10 lost of favorite Naruto characters wouldn’t match that of anyone else in the universe. Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Itachi, Gaara, Minato, Jiraiya, Deidara… None of those folks make my list. Seriously. So when a rare Naruto figure comes out that is one of my favorite characters, I stand up and take notice. It doesn’t happen often, but it did in 2013, when Banpresto released the Naruto Shippuden DX Sasori figure. Does this figure of the greatest puppet master ever win my approval? Read on for the review…

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Transformers Masterpiece Bumblebee MP-21 Photos Preview!

Transformers Masterpiece Bumblebee MP-21 with Smiling Robot Face

Being a Transformers Masterpiece collector is a real exercise in patience. Only a few new characters are announced every year, and even once a new Transformers Masterpiece figure has been confirmed, it can take close to a year (or more!) for that toy to go through development and production and into collectors’ hands. Such is the case with the Transformers Masterpiece Bumblebee MP-21. We’ve known about him since well into last year, but only now are finally getting to see high-quality prototype photos Masterpiece Bumblebee!

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Dragon Ball Z Figuarts Zero Frieza Figure Photos & Order Info!

Frieza Final Form Figuarts Zero Dragon Ball Z Figure

One of the tragedies of collecting is that not every prototype we see ends up being produced and sold by toy manufacturers. I’ve had my heart broken many times over the years (none moreso than Sal Manilla being cancelled from the genius Ken Lilly “Muppets” line by Palisades Toys), and I sincerely thought that Bandai was going to disappoint me again.

Disaster has been averted, however. Though I feared it would never be so, the Dragon Ball Z Figuarts Zero Frieza Final Form figure is now available for order!

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