Bandai D-Arts Pokemon Charizard Figure Released!

Lizardon Pokemon D-Arts Charizard Import Packaged

Pokemon fans haven’t even had a chance for their wallets to cool down from the release of the first-ever Pokemon D-Arts figure being released last month, but it’s about to get a whole lot hotter–like “Fire Blast” hotter! Hot on the heels of Mewtwo’s release just a few weeks ago, the second D-Arts Pokemon figure has been released both overseas and in America: it’s the Bandai Pokemon D-Arts Charizard!

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D-Arts Mega Man X Sigma Figuarts Zero Figure Announced by Bandai!

Megaman X Sigma Statue Figure 2013 Bandai Figuarts Zero

Mega Man X fans are going to be getting another huge treat from Bandai later this year, but it’s not necessarily going to be the prize that they had in mind. Today Bandai officially announced a Mega Man X figure that’s long been rumored and who fans feel is majorly overdue: the ferocious villain of the Megaman X, Sigma! There’s a catch, though. The giant Reploid won’t be part of the D-Arts Mega Man X figure line like every previous Bandai Mega Man figure has been. No, Sigma will be the first Bandai Figuarts Zero Mega Man X figure. And the “Zero” stands for “Zero Articulation”…

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SH Figuarts Sailor Moon Figure Coming Fall 2013!

Bandai SH Figuarts Sailor Moon Figure Posed to Fight

I would be such a dirty liar if I tried to claim to be an expert on anything related to the Sailor Moon franchise. But even I know how popular Sailor Moon is, with the manga still topping the charts in America and the anime being watched and loved by a new generation today. So it’s not really a shocker at all that Bandai has chosen to bring Sailor Moon to the next level of action figures, as in just a few months the super-articulated Bandai SH Figuarts Sailor Moon will be released…

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Thundercats Minimates Set with Pumyra, Bengali & Lynx-O Announced!

Thundercats Minimates Box Set 5 Pumyra BenGali Lynx-O Berbil Ratar-O Figures

Thundercats fans have been waiting patiently for Diamond Select Toys to announce the Thundercats Minimates Wave 4 Box Set, but Diamond Select pulled a fast one on fans today. Even though they haven’t officially shown the fourth series of Thundercats Minimates, a fifth set was fully unveiled today, containing fan-favorite Thundercats Bengali, Pumyra, and Lynx-O!

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Robot Damashii Gundam Wing Aries Noin Custom Exclusive Announced!

Robot Spirits Aries Noin Custom Figure Lucrezia Noin Gundam Wing

As more proof that Bandai both loves and hates us, they’re releasing a variant of the Robot Damashii Aries that comes out this month in Japan. The “loves us” part is that Bandai is releasing the much-desired Robot Damashii Gundam Wing Aries (Noin Custom) figure that they showed off at toy shows last year. The “hates us” part is that the Noin Aries Custom is going to be yet another expensive and hard-to-get Bandai web shop exclusive…

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D-Arts Megaman & Rush Bandai Figure Review

D-Arts Megaman Rush Met Figures Bandai 2012

I really, really waited a long time for good Megaman figures. Oh yeah, Bandai put out some interesting Megaman figures in the 90’s, but those are really dated and obsolete now. And Jazwares put out a good number of Megaman toys, but notice I stressed the word “good”. With the success of the Archie Comics Megaman Comic Book, I thought some American company might finally do right by the Megaman license, but thus far that’s proven not to be. However, Bandai has recently stepped up in Japan, releasing an all-new D-Arts Megaman figure for Megaman’s 25th Anniversary, and it’s one of my favorite figures I’ve bought all year…

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