Figuarts Zero Dragonball Z Goku Figure Up for Order! DBZ

Goku Figuarts Zero Dragonball Z August 2013 Figure Close-Up

Though Bandai has been teasing DBZ fans for close to a year with the prototypes for the first figures in the Figuarts Zero Dragonball Z line, they’ve never confirmed even a single figure would actually see production–until now. Just this week, Bandai finally officially announced that the Dragonball Z Figuarts Zero Goku (Super-Saiyan) figure will be released for sale in August 2013!

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Transformers Generations Blaster & Steeljaw Review

Transformers Generations Blaster & Steeljaw 2013 Toys

I’m not nearly as big a Transformers fan as I used to be, but every so often Hasbro will release some new Transformers toy that really resonates with my soul and is a buy-on-sight item. One such item turned up last week. I was aware that a new Transformers Voyager Blaster was out, but until I actually came face-to-face with him, I didn’t know he was coming home with me. Once I saw the Fall of Cybertron Transformers Generations Blaster and Steeljaw set, Blaster’s nostalgic G1-inspired colors and design won me over and earned my purchase. As for Steeljaw, well… at least Blaster is good…

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Transformers Masterpiece Prowl & Bluestreak Photos Revealed!

Transformers Masterpiece Prowl Robot Mode Photo Takara 2013

It’s been an excruciating wait for prototype photos since the announcement of Takara’s upcoming Transformers Masterpiece MP-17 Prowl and MP-18 Bluestreak figures, but the wait is finally at an end! While the photos aren’t of the highest quality, Takara released official photos of the prototypes of both Prowl and Bluestreak this week!

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SH Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red & Green Ranger Figures

SH Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red and Green Ranger Figures Bandai 2013

As a child of 1980’s, I was born just slightly too soon to be majorly into the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The Power Rangers toys and TV show were all the rage with the kids a year or two under me in school, but the show was just a little bit too cheesy for me. Even so, I know that there is a massive worldwide following for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and Bandai Tamashii Nations has something special cooked up for those fans: super-articulated S.H. Figuarts Red Ranger and Green Ranger figures!

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