Robot Damashii Side MS Leo Option Set #2 Review

Bandai Leo Option Set 2 Space Type Exclusive

Spoilers: If you’re buying the Bandai Web Shop exclusive Robot Damashii Leo [Space Type] figure, then you owe it to yourself to purchase the Space Leo Option Set 2 as well.
Without this set, the Robot Spirits Leo [Space Type] is a great figure. But when you buy the Leo Options set of parts to complement it, the Space Leo becomes downright perfect…

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Bandai Robot Damashii (Side MS) Gundam Wing Leo Space Type Review

Bandai Robot Damashii Leo Space Type Figure in Bubble

When Bandai started rolling out Gundam Wing Robot Damashii figures, I knew I was destined to buy them all. Of course, then Bandai had to go and start making limited, Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive figures like the Tallgeese II to make international collectors pull their hair out while simultaneously breaking those collectors’ bank accounts. Of course, why make a specific suit an expensive, limited exclusive when you can make a Robot Damashii army-builder an exclusive and really cash in? And so it was that I ended up paying an extortionate amount of money for a pair of web exclusive Robot Damashii Side MS Leo [Space Type] figures…

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Pokemon D-Arts Blastoise Bandai Figure Announced!

Pokemon D-Arts Blastoise Figure by Bandai 2013

We’re a long, long, long way from catching them all in the Bandai Pokemon D-Arts figure line, as no figures have been released yet at all in the line, and only three characters have been put up for pre-order (Charizard and Mewtwo with Mew). However, that number is about to increase to four, as Bandai has announced the next figure for release in the line: the fully-evolved Pokemon Red/Blue water-type starter, Blastoise!

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Gundam Wing Robot Damashii Gundam Heavyarms & Parts Set Announced!

Robot Damashii Heavyarms Gundam Figure 2013 Bandai

One of the most-requested Robot Damashii figures will be coming our way in Summer 2013, bringing the lineup of Gundam Wing Side MS Gundams one step close to completion: piloted by Trowa Barton, it’s the Robot Spirits Gundam Heavyarms Kai! And in case you were hoping for an original non-Kai Heavyarms Gundam, Bandai’s got you covered there too…

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Street Fighter Play Arts Kai 2013 Ken and Sakura Figures Revealed!

Square-Enix Street Fighter Play Arts Kai Ken Figure 2013 Toy Fair

Square-Enix brought their ‘A-Game’ to the New York Toy Fair 2013 this week, as they debuted an impressive number of never-before-seen figures at the show! Beyond a doubt the most exciting part of the show for Street Fighter fans was the brand-new Square-Enix Play Arts Kai Ken and Sakura figures that debuted there!

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Kingdom Hearts 3D Sora & Riku Play Arts Figures at Toy Fair 2013!

Kingdom Hearts 3D Riku Play Arts Sora Figure Close-Up Toy Fair 2013

I’m sure I’m not the only person who was left scratching his head when Square-Enix announced that the first two figures in their Kingdom Hearts 3D Play Arts Kai line were Tron Legacy Sora and Riku. As weird as that decision was, Square-Enix has now rectified matters at the New York Toy Fair 2013, where they debuted regular versions of Kingdom Hearts 3D Sora and Riku Play Arts Kai figures…

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Dragonball Z Figuarts Zero Goku & Frieza Figures at Toy Fair 2013!

DBZ Figuarts Zero Dragonball Z Goku Figure

I would hesitate to call them “new”, exactly, because they’ve been shown quite a few times at overseas shows already, but Bandai brought something to the 2013 Toy Fair that they hadn’t previously displayed at any show in the United States: the first two entries in the Dragonball Z Figuarts Zero DBZ figures line: Super-Saiyan Goku and Frieza…

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Toy Fair 2013: Dragonball Z SH Figuarts Vegeta (Normal) Box Debuts!

DBZ SH Figuarts Vegeta Regular Version Figure Packaged

To say that Bandai didn’t bring much new stuff to show off in the SH Figuarts Dragonball Z line at the 2013 Toy Fair this week would be a bit of a euphemism. Absolutely no figures were shown on display that haven’t already been solicited–in fact, the Krillin and Android 18 figures shown at San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con weren’t even present. So as far as new figures were concerned, there wasn’t much to be excited about. But on the bright side (if you can call it that), we did get to see a new box–that of the SH Figuarts Vegeta (Normal Ver.) figure…

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Hasbro Announces Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave US Release!

Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave MP-13 with Laserbeak gets US Hasbro Release

At the American International 2013 Toy Fair in New York this weekend, Hasbro made a lot of domestic US Transformers collectors happy (and made a lot of importers groan) with their announcement of the next Takara Transformers figure that will be receiving a United States release: Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave MP-13! And to the surprise of many, he and Laserbeak won’t be coming alone…

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